Company History

Horizon Develop Build Manage was established in 1984 as Horizon Investment & Development Corp. by Chuck Heath and his partners as a real estate development company. The company developed a multitude of properties including retail, commercial, multi-family residential, senior residential and land developments; placing emphasis on senior housing as its primary product line.

In 1996, three Horizon entities were established to distinguish its platform of services:

Horizon Development Group, Inc. (HDG)
Horizon Construction Group, Inc. (HCG)
Horizon Management Services, Inc. (HMS)

While these remain separate legal entities, the overall goal is to integrate and promote all three companies as a single brand in the marketplace. In doing so, we can assist our clients in nurturing their project from vision to reality.

Horizon Development Group, Inc.

Horizon Development Group, Inc. finds and evaluates new development opportunities and provides third party development services. Horizon Development has industry expertise in all forms of senior housing, affordable multi-family housing, commercial properties, and indoor waterparks. 

Horizon Construction Group, Inc.

Horizon Construction Group, Inc. was established in 1996 as a response to our dissatisfaction with general contractors falling short of our expectations.  Horizon’s mission is to complete all projects on time, on budget, and meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.  Horizon has extensive knowledge and experience with multi-family apartments, senior housing, retail, office, and indoor waterparks.

Horizon Management Services, Inc.

Horizon Management Services, Inc. provides third party property management services for affordable and market rate residential properties along with various commercial properties. Horizon Management is responsible for resident relations and services, accounting, marketing, leasing, maintenance, budgets and compliance for managed properties. 


Integrated Services. Resourceful Solutions.