Community Support

Horizon Develop Build Manage and its staff is dedicated to community involvement. We believe that the key to creating healthy, growing communities begins with supporting the many civic, arts, and social organizations that enhance and define the communities in which we live. We proudly support many organizations and their fundraising efforts.


Horizon sponsored the Catholic Charities golf outing and a few of our team members had a great time playing in it at Blackhawk Country Club in Madison. Horizon has been longtime supporters of the amazing things Catholic Charities does for our community.


A few times per year, members of the Horizon team volunteer at events put on by the Bayview Foundation. Our development team volunteered at their annual Fall clean-up and members from both development and management teams volunteered at Bayview'sThanksgiving event. At this event, volunteers handed out Thanksgiving meals to those in need. The meals were donated by multiple local community organizations. 


The Horizon Team set up a drive to collect needed items for the Domestic Abuse Intervention Center (DAIS) in Madison, WI. DAIS offers a wide array of crisis intervention and community education and prevention programs and is the only domestic violence shelter in Dane County. Our team generously donated personal care items, linens and pillows along with $400 in monetary donations. 


Horizon's Development Team put together a Penny War that spanned all three floors of the Johnson Bank Building. Each floor would anonymously donate to their team jar on each floor. The idea is that when a team member would see the progress of a competitor's jar, they would donate more to increase their floor's likelihood of donating the most. At the end of the Penny War, all three teams came together for a BBQ. The healthy competition raised a significant amount of donations for the relief efforts of Hurricane Harvey.


Horizon was proud to support this year’s Annual Catholic Charities Golf Tournament. A portion of the funds raised through the event was allocated to The Beacon, the homeless day resource center that Catholic Charities will be opening, in Madison, WI, Fall 2017. 


Madison, WI was a stopping point for a flock of pesky flamingos! From December 5th to 16th, Horizon’s corporate office was taken over! However, the flock was easily bribed with money donated to Angel’s Wish and Key to Happiness Rescue! In total, the flamingos managed to raise $1,065 from 32 employees.  There was not a single staff member who did not get flocked or participate.  Employees were sitting in meetings with their flamingo, giving them names, and carrying them around at all times. Though the flock has moved on, feathers can still be seen floating through the office!

About Angel's Wish:

Angel’s Wish is dedicated to reducing animal overpopulation, rehoming companion animals, and raising awareness of animal welfare issues in South Central Wisconsin. In 2015, they took in 582 cats and 4 dogs from nearly 20 different counties in Wisconsin (and a few from other states). In the last ten years, Angel’s Wish has helped over 5,000 animals find their new homes. Why are we called Angel’s Wish? Lois Lawrence, a founding member of Angel’s Wish, once rescued a kitten from a construction site. Weak with starvation, dehydration, and a severe upper respiratory infection, neither veterinary treatment nor Lois’ love and care could save the kitten from the effects of that hot June day. Angel died that night in Lois’ arms. We believe that Angel’s wish would have been that no other animal be subjected to pain, suffering, abandonment or neglect.

About Key to Happiness Rescue:

Key to Happiness Rescue is an all-breed dog and animal rescue that specializes in rescuing abused, neglected or unwanted animals at high risk of euthanasia and providing temporary foster homes and necessary medical care until a permanent home can be found. KTHR is an all-volunteer-based rescue, with 501(c)3. status. KTHR strives to educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering of animals to prevent pet overpopulation and prevent animal cruelty and suffering through education and activities to the public. KTHR is committed to finding each family and abandoned dog their perfect match and to make each rescue rewarding and permanent.